simply about STRESS

Can a stress related post be simply about it ? Isn’t stress best described as an emotion being all over the place ? Even the word “stress” is built with stressful sounds, a “S” because it’s just like the deaf sound in your ears when you’re anxious, a “T” as sudden and sharp as stress, and an “E” because stress is E-verywhere. 

Stress has been present forever in human beings’ lives. It is our body’s way of responding to any kind of threat or demand. It triggers a “flight or fight” reaction. This makes sense in prehistory, when we needed to hunt for food for example. If our brain sensed danger, our body would either run away or fight. 

However, stress is more present than ever. Throughout the years, the world has changed faster and faster. Our minds hardly keep along. We are constantly bombarded with information, through our smartphones, laptops, traffic, TV, marketing… Furthermore, we are haunted by preconceived societal fundaments. Am I good looking even if I´m not a model size ? Am I smart even if I don’t go to university ? Am I a looser if I’m not married and having kids by 30 ? All these ghosts are present in our subconscious minds.

Suddenly, our stress is no longer caused by a predator; but 200 unread e-mails on our phones.

Stress is like a dust in the eye when you’re trying to focus on something. You know it’s there, but believe you don’t have time to take it off. Or, you try to take it off but you loose focus of what you were doing. You’ll most likely feel frustrated, angry, irritated…like when you’re being stressed. 

Stress can also be a cool sensation. It can be a booster. It can show you that something really matters to you.

Sweaty hands, shaky hands, a heart beating faster than ever, a trembling voice, a suffocating feeling, all body reactions we’d want to avoid; but as unpleasant as they are, we still manage to dissociate a “good” stress from a “bad” stress. 


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