simply about LA BAULE

Hello everyone !


La Baule (France) has a big place in my heart, I’ve lived there for more than 8 years. I would like to share with you a few of my best memories. So…Where to begin?

I arrived in La Baule in 2007. THE thing that describes the best La Baule in my opinion, is its beach. There’s nothing better than hearing the sound of waves and the singing of seagulls when you’re walking along the seaside; watching a landscape filled with sailboats as soon as the weather allows and to contemplate the horizon.



When you’re near the sea, there’s not often a boat far away…Here’s some photos that I’v taken during a sunny afternoon.


If you move a little bit away from La Baule, a few minutes later, another paradise will catch your eye…”La côte sauvage”. Rocks, waves, small corners of sand and a breathtaking view.



From the 6th grade to the 12th, I studied in “Cité scolaire of Grand Air”, the “club Med” as a certain teacher used to repeat. How to describe Grand Air ? Well…A big forest, near the beach and shops, rumors, friendships, sometimes even “love” stories and last but not least…classes, ahah.


Hard to do a transition after a paragraph about studies, but let’s say that after effort, comes comfort. Indeed, it brings us to the last thing that I’d like to share with you…La Baule by night. Well, I wasn’t major when I lived in La Baule, so I didn’t really go to bars or in that kind of places…except from…”La Villa La Grange”. Therefore I won’t boast about my “crazy” night outs, ahah. 

However, I would like to show you photos that I’ve taken during night time in La Baule (one of these photos was taken in Le Pouliguen…lying next to La Baule…on the 14th of july).


I’ll finish this post with a photo that sums well up La Baule in my opinion. La Baule is a town with its advantages and disadvantages…but I can assure you that once you leave La baule, you’ll miss it quicker than you would imagine. 



xx, Ellen.


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